True home-made Roman Food

Trastevere is a district of Rome, the XIII, which has been and continues to be the place of artists, street players, painters and poets, Romans and their food and tourists who fall in love and remain to live there.

We don’t want to invent new food, we want to bring the real thing on our tables, the food that up to today you’d only could have in Rome.

We’re Carbonara lovers, perfectionists of the Cacio e Pepe, crazy for Amatriciana those are the most consumed Romans’ dishes in the eternal City.
Romans and their Lambs, Roma was build on seven hills, hills where lambs where farmed, freely to graze around.

The Pizza “la romana” has been feeding Romans for generations, with its unique thin crispy crust and the toppings almost touching the semi burnt hedge, the huge size and yet its lightness and its unique taste that can only be achieved in wooden fire ovens.


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